Monday, 29 August 2011

Flour Gallery

Or, a way of keeping track of what I've tried and with what results...

Enormous sack of Shipton Mill Baker's No. 1 flour. Fabulous stuff. Am making inroads into this sack at an alarming pace.

The first wholemeal rye I bought - this is what I used (along with Wessex Mill French Bread Flour) to get my sourdough mother going.

This is my favourite wholemeal flour (ok so it's only half and half) - it gives brilliant-textured and tasty results.

I'm quite picky about seedy type flours, but I loved this one. It's wheat and barley flours, with malted barley flakes and linseeds.

I picked this one up at the Organic Food Festival at Bristol harbourside. Not yet tried it.

Another as yet untried purchase from the Organic Food Festival.

Bought at the Eye Bread Festival, not yet tried.

Got this one at Eye too - the fennel seeds sold me, though I've not yet taken it for a spin.

Spotted this in Waitrose in Wantage - the smokiness sounds interesting although I can't quite imagine how it will turn out when I try it.

Got this on my mill trip - I really fancy trying spelt sourdough but couldn't decide whether to go for white or wholemeal, so went for both...

Another variety of wholemeal rye to try out

White spelt for experimentation purposes...

Large sack of light rye from Shipton Mill. I'm not sure why I got this, I think it seemed a good idea at the time but I don't use it very much...

This was my bog standard white flour. It's cheap and gave good enough results - I used to buy a couple of bags a week. Over time I came to realise that I just wasn't happy with it - it contains an enhancing additive (ascorbic acid) which just isn't necessary if you're using good flour and handling the dough properly. My eureka moment was using Shipton Mill's Baker's No. 1 flour which is so much better and gives lovely silky dough and a brilliant texture to my loaves.

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