Saturday, 17 September 2011

Today's batch

Today I've made a fair few loaves - I clearly missed making bread while I was away in France, so have made up for it this weekend.

I wanted to make some nibbly/breaky breads for dinner tonight with The Cossack, some tin loaves for the week, some pittas, and finally to use my own sourdough mother for the first time.

I fed all three sourdough mothers on Friday morning, leaving my white Clive one in the fridge, and bringing out my rye Clive one, and my own white one onto the worktop to spend the day at ambient temperature. They had both risen up nicely by the time I was ready to make the dough at about ten that evening. I first went for all rye flour with the rye mother, and it made the most horrendous sludge that I just couldn't work at all. Perhaps I should have looked at a recipe before bunging it all together... I tried to rescue it for a while but it became clear that it was beyond redemption and I consigned it to the compost heap, which could have interesting consequences. I took another helping of mother and just used standard white flour, and having worked both doughs I left them under plastic on the worktop in their bowls overnight.

In the morning, I was a bit concerned at the texture of the doughs as they appeared rather runny but once I'd taken them out of their bowls, they were workable and firmer than they'd looked. They had risen beautifully. I took 1.5 kilos of each dough and after folding and moulding placed each into a rye-dusted banneton. The remainder of each dough I pulled together into one lump and folded and moulded into a boule.

I was really pleased with everything today, particularly the sourdough and particularly that from my own homemade mother. I was very happy with the texture of the sourdoughs, much improved from the last time.

For the sourdough, the fougasses and pittas I used Shipton Mill No. 1 Baker's white flour, for the brown tin loaves I used Wessex Mill Half and Half.


My first bread from my very own sourdough mother:

Sourdough loaf from rye mother:

Boule made from the two sourdough doughs:

Brown tin loaf

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