Friday, 7 October 2011

Today's batch

Just a single bake today, I couldn't wait to make the unfed sourdough pretzels again. This time I did it without yogurt (which last time I substituted for the milk powder the recipe called for) or any other milky thing and this produced a much stiffer, denser dough which had a harder crust even though it was baked for the same length of time. I used the smoked salt this time instead of the normal Cornish sea salt.

The dough was much easier to handle and shape, and I was much happier with the look of the pretzels, but the taste and texture weren't as good as last time. It was pointed out to me that sourdough purists wouldn't agree with using another sour type flavouring as well in the recipe, so I gave it a go without the yogurt. I'm now clear that there is a need for something milky in the dough, and I liked the flavour and texture outcome last time so I am going to carry on with that recipe because milk powder just makes me feel sad.

I think if I make these for Halloween I'll be tempted to call them undead sourdough pretzels rather than unfed sourdough pretzels...

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